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Oregon's Premier Vocal Rock

Hailing out of Portland, Oregon GENERATOR is a 5- piece vocal rock band playing rock and pop favorites from the 70s to today. Their dazzling vocals, brilliant 5-part harmonies and rock-solid groove will simply astound you and have you dancing from the first note to the last.



Bob Merritt - Lead guitar and Vocals
Gordon Hermanson - Lead guitar, Keys, and Vocals
Rex Baker - Bass and Vocals
John Garcia - Percussion and Vocals
Eric Lawrence - Keyboards and vocals

A few reviews:

"If you are familiar with the music of ANY of these musicians, you WILL be a Generator fan. They play those delicious, tunes we all love... tunes that we so rarely hear because, frankly, it takes musicians this good to pull them off. Generator exudes passion, unity, and strength, in exceptionally clear 4 and 5-part harmony.
You'll dance, you'll sing, you'll laugh, you'll maybe shed a tear or two, but you will never regret experiencing Generator."
Joy Weaver, Portland musician.

" With 5-part harmonies and musical chops that would certainly get a nod of approval from Steely Dan, you really need to see Generator live."
Sharon Carter, President, Rainy Day Blues Society 


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